Sunday, January 18, 2009

What has been happening is out of my hands and has been up to the sky. The new moon has been really hard on me. I downloaded a bunch of good vibes over at I strongly recommend Iasos - Angelic Music, for any heavy headed mind. Final Details on that show are...
Glenn Jones
Justin Pigott pigott
Crystalline Roses
So please come out if you can. Justin is talking of a 3 way Split CD release between myself, him, and a friend of his Peter who was in the band Gorilla Angreb. So I have been thinking about that, as well as preparing for the next studio session to crank out some more tracks for Chemosynthesis, and first and foremost the show. Hope some folks will drive out, I know pittsfield seems far away, but its really not.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Another Lost Soldier.

Rip. Ron Asheton. For those who did not know who this guy is/was, he was the guitarist for the Stooges. And if you dont like the Stooges, I guess I can say I feel bad for you....

Ron Asheton, guitarist and founding member of the Stooges, was reportedly found dead at his home in Ann Arbor, Michigan this morning. He was 60. Official cause of death has not yet been announced but initial indications suggest Asheton had a heart attack. Police entered Asheton’s home and discovered his body on a couch after his personal assistant was unable to reach the rocker for days. Detective Bill Stanford told Michigan Live it appeared Asheton passed away several days ago.

As the guitarist for the Stooges, Asheton crafted some of rock’s most memorable riffs, including “I Wanna Be Your Dog,” “No Fun” and “TV Eye.” Guitarist Asheton, along with his brother Scott, Iggy Pop and original bassist Dave Alexander formed the Stooges in Detroit in 1967. The original lineup released two albums, The Stooges and Fun House, before Ron Asheton shifted over to bass guitar for 1973’s Raw Power. All three LPs made Rolling Stone’s 500 Greatest Albums of All Time, ranking at Number 185, 191 and 125 respectively. Asheton was also Number 29 on Rolling Stone’s list of 100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time.

After the Stooges initially split, Asheton went on to play with the New Order (not the U.K. one), Destroy All Monsters, New Race and the Wylde Ratttz, a supergroup featuring Sonic Youth’s Thurston Moore, Mudhoney’s Mark Arm, Dinosaur Jr.’s J. Mascis and Mike Watt, who would eventually become Asheton’s bandmate when the Stooges reunited in 2003. For the band’s comeback album, 2007’s The Weirdness, Asheton was once again in his rightful place onstage as the Stooges’ guitarist as Watt picked up bass duties. Last year the Stooges played as Madonna was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame; this year, the band was nominated for their own induction. Check back later in the day for more on Asheton’s death and his immeasurable impact on rock music.

heres a link to an active download of funhouse.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Using Again.

Lost, Lost...

nothing is at it seems, everything wears a mask, at least a veil.

upon re-listening to some of the recordings, vocals are gone, lyrics need to be rewritten.

I have been trashing a lot of stuff lately.

There is a show in the Works At the Microtheater in Pittsfield, MA, I am hoping to have Chemosynthesis ready, but it is looking doubtful. I may do another tape release of some kind for it.
Glenn Jones
Justin Pigott
Crystalline Roses

more info as it comes.

Feeding Tube Records may be releasing an unreleased LP of mine (recorded Spring/Summer 08), but I am working on re-mixing/adding/subtracting to it.

"the plastic arts are dead"
so am i.