Saturday, June 18, 2011

Gigs, New Stuff, Etc.

New CDR of Demos is out, collected from recordings at my house in the fall, winter, and even some outtakes from the instrumental LP i have been working on. That LP is done being recorded, I am currently tracking it out, then a bit of mixing/reduction, then its all set. Going to play some gigs in early August that are being worked out for that label. to check out the series. If anyone is interested in obtaining one (of the demos) shoot me an email Also a gig being set up for the end of July in support of my friends band Stoned Ambassadors LP release, its a great sounding recording done by the master of all recordings, Mr. Will Killingsworth. Really psyched its going to hit the light of day, buy it up. I will be breaking briefly from recording CR stuff unless we squeeze in the "Two Man Cult" recording sesh with Mr. WK himself... If that happens there will be a new LP on the rise. Frozen Corn is working on recording but Mr. C Carlt is across the country for a wee bit. Also some other new projects are abound unrelated to this one... Should be an interesting summer to say the least...

Last but not least Gluebag is playing July 3rd at an undisclosed location. Yes we are going to play again to celebrate D-moneys return to the east coast...

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Show in Northampton

June 11th, Meatgum, Northampton, MA
not sure what time it starts
Color Rabbit
Chris North Dream Quartet
Crystalline Roses
+1 TBA

Going to try and have some new CDRs at this gig, various collected demos for the past fall/winter/spring... if you need that address.