Friday, November 21, 2014

Monday, August 4, 2014

What a long strange trip...

Things will get weird, they always do, I'm not sure who's playing what anymore, but the music will play itself, I certainly will be there… There was a write up I was hipped to of an old split (6 years old to be exact)) And the weird timing of this had Peter in town from Denmark and us playing some music together… Does anyone even read any of this stuff? 

More shit…
8/7/14 -- Crystalline Roses Band, Bunwinkies, Plastic Crimewave 13th Floor 9 PM
8/14/14 -- Gluebag, Out of our Heads, Receivers Sierra Grille 9 PM or something
8/23/14 -- Gluebag, More bands, Portland, ME some Bar no idea about a time or what…
8/24/14 -- Frozen Corn, Kath Bloom/Tom Hannaford, Mystery Train Records 5 PM probably
8/31/14 -- World Domination, Vile Intent, TBA TBA Flywheel Easthampton, MA
9/5&6/2014 -- World Domination in Boston for Underground Music Fest

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Northern Routes//LP News...

So Feeding Tube has offered to release the Crystalline Roses "Cosmic Driftwood" CDR as an LP, I am currently working on enlarging the art for it. They have also offered to release the World Domination "TBA" LP (Previously titled Mental Galactic Domination)))… We are going to be finishing it up, and getting some art together for it… Crystalline Roses/The Yankee Entertainer - 2 Man Cult CDR is Out and Im almost out of it, I will have some at the northern routes thing… We (CRB)) may have a little preview of shit we have been recording but probably not. D.D.O.D. 2014 for those in the know...

  • Northern Routes Festival (psych/folk/experimental))) 
    July 31st...
    7 - 9 PM at The Brick House Community Resource Center
    24 Third St. with -- MV & EE//Head Of Wantastiquet//Village of Spaces
    9:30 PM - ~12:30 AM at The Rendezvous
    78 Third St. with --Zzones//Doug Tuttle//Kohoutek
    $5 at the door / FREE with Weekend Northern Routes New Music Festival Ticket

    These 2 Days are at 1794 Meeting House in New Salem, MA
    Friday, August 1st, Doors @ 4 PM 
    Glenn Jones/Marissa Nadler/Glitter Pen/Matt Weston/Trevor Healy/Bunwinkies/Twilight Tipi/Passerine/Matt Krefting

    Saturday August 2nd, Doors @ 2 PM
    Peter Stampfel (of the Holy Modal Rounders!)/Juan Wauters/Metal Mountains/Crystalline Roses Band/Samara Lubelski/Tarp/Willie Lane/Tongue Oven/Hallock Hill/Holy Vex

    1 day ticket $20 / weekend ticket $35. Advance tickets available [] »
     [] »
  • ALSO:
  • August 6th : LUX Punk House Hadley, MA IVY, Nandas, Anonymous Cocks, Chemiplastica
  • August 14th: Sierra Grille Northampton, prob like 10 PM Out of Our Heads/Receivers/Gluebag
  • August 24th: Mystery Train Records Amherst, MA 5 PM KATH BLOOM/TOM HANNAFORD, Frozen Corn
  • August 31st: TBA/// World Domination, Vile Intent (MTL))), TBA, TBA

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Few Gigs...

working on some music too, might even put it out at some point...

July 4th -- Asbury Park New Jersey -- Birthwater, Mother Tongue, Crystalline Roses Band no idea of time or money id hit this kid todd up for any kind of details...

July 6th -- SNAKE GIG VOLUME 3. THATS RIGHT. Row House Holyoke, MA 7PM//$$ For Boston... Jock's Blood (Boston), Leather Daddy (Boston), Gay Mayor, Crystalline Roses Band

Honored to be a part of this event....
The 1794 Meetinghouse presents the best in adventurous, underground music with performances by artists working across the spectrum of experimental styles, from acoustic fusions of folk and improvisation to electric textures and soundscapes. Tickets are $20 for a single days concert or $35 for both days.

FRIDAY, AUGUST 1 | 4 PM - 11 PM AND SATURDAY AUGUST 2 | 2 PM - 11 PM | $35
FRIDAY AUGUST 1st: Performers include: Glenn Jones, Marissa Nadler, Glitter Pen, Matt Weston, Twilight Tipi, Trevor Healy, Bunwinkies, Passerine, Matt Krefting

SATURDAY AUGUST 2nd: Performers include: Peter Stampfel, Juan Wauters, Metal Mountains, Crystalline Roses Band, Tarp, Willie Lane, Tongue Oven, Hallock Hill

Friday, May 30, 2014

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Upcoming Gigs (related and un-related))

Some gigs between 4 different projects...

ONE HAPPY KING (to rule them all)
Frankie Teardop (Punk from Minneapolis)
Crystalline Roses Band
Michael Hurley
Frozen Corn
12 bucks for Mr. Hurley
Magic Circle
Internal Rot (Grind from Australia)
Gowl (CT)
World Domination
13th Floor
Florence, MA
Also June 7th in NY...

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Gigs/More Releases/Etc.

VDSQ LP is ready to be ordered, preview track here: order direct here:
If you want heaven and earth magic tapes here:
if you want gluebag here:
if you want world domination demo LP here:

Crystalline Roses - Cosmic Driftwood CDR, World Domination - Live Domination Vol 1 CDR, World Domination - Mental Galactic Domination Full Length CS, The Yankee Entertainer CDR//Maybe CS

some gigs... always bring some money if you got it there's usually someone from out of town.
probably like 9 or something
King Street Manor Northampton, MA
Black Sky
Two Tree
Crystalline Roses (playing H&E/New songs of that ilk)

A House that some people I know live in.
Amherst, MA
probably like 8 or something
Iron Hand
World Domination
Maybe More?

Dreamaway Lodge
Becket, MA
probably like 8 or something
KATH BLOOM :-)(one of my favorite people/performers)))
Frozen Corn

Mount Holyoke College
South Hadley, MA
I dont know what time but music starts at 12:30pm
Crystalline Roses (playing to honor world/folk music going to do something weird at this)
+ probably some others...

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Heaven and Earth Magic/Even The Losers...

Heaven and Earth Magic Internet here :
Cassette Tape Soon to follow...
"Release Gig"

Monday, January 20, 2014

Tape for sale...

There's a tape for sale for the day part of the "january program" run by some friends in AZ known as Ascetic House....

Its some natural guitar/banjo tunes all live, no effects, no overdubs just the instruments (and one with voice)))

If you came to the show last night thank you very much...

also there are 3 more in the works

2/10 Headquarters Hawley St
with Chris Colohan and Joe Sullier reading poetry

3/2 TBA
Hurricanes of Love tour kick off/LP release w/TARP, and Gastric Lavage

3/11 TBA
Red Favorite and Chris Brokaw