Monday, December 27, 2010


I am bored and snowed in and sick of the TV, and the Lovecraft book I keep reading, I am at my folks house... Since I have the internet here, I figured I would try to upload my discography for this project while I have the internet... I am not very good at uploading things (basically I apologize if any of these dont work), but I got a hotfile account a while back to get some dead soundboards off of a great blog that now may or may not exist in secrecy...

Observational Chymistry Tape, was the first release for this project and where the name came from, its a song on this tape. Recorded the guitar and voice with Will at the old Dead Air, and the overdubs with Gebo. I did 25 tapes and 50 CDRs I think... The Download is a Side A/Side B thing, that is how Gebo and I mixed it in its finality, and I cant remember some of the song titles...

Electric Abstractions were some bedroom recordings I made of Loops and did monologues over them sometime. I used to do this a lot and this was a compilation of the ones I thought worked the best... Some of the monologues are passages from Lautréamont's Maldoror. It was a CDR I made a few copies and gave it to friends. I originally wrote the tracklisting to include the piece "begin" but crossed it off and left it off the CDR.

An EP named after a quote from On the Road, but written primarily as an ode to the secrets contained in the deepest parts of the ocean and possibilities of black holes and aliens. It is also inspired from a part of Maldoror, the part hailing the Old Ocean. /50 CDRs

This was an instrumental CDR that I made about 50 copies of or so, it came with a full color print of a painting I made. It was recorded sitting on my porch, my friend was sleeping in the other room for the majority of the 12 string recordings, I was kind of zonked and had a tape recorder going for some reason, then I recorded some banjo and some other six string guitar. I think the whole thing was more or less improvised. I also included a tape I made about 15 copies of called Chemosynthesis, this long song eventually became the songs of the morning star I believe. Chemosynthesis is the process by which the deepest plants in the ocean are able to survive.

These were recorded in Hadley in the summer or something I also recorded a bunch of demos, it was directly to the hand-held recorder I used for the C.R. disc. Justin Pigott put this out and it features him as well as legendary Dane Peter Bonneman. Peter's stuff is so good, Justin's as well, they are two of my favorite humans. My stuff is two written songs, an improvised minor song and a Charles Manson cover.
3 Way split

One Man Cult, this existed in two different horrendous versions, that I hope no one ever hears. The final product came after I recorded another batch of songs/improvisations while being snowed in in Hadley. Then I could replace some of the old stuff, then Ted and I went back and forth, eventually getting this out... The themes on this vary greatly from song to song, and the whole thing sort of describes the Cult of my own mind. I think it could be a lot better, but I am usually unsatisfied with my stuff. I think some of the stuff seems forced or something. It is still available (/250) if you dont have the record.

There was a couple of other things but mostly just other versions of songs on these things, hope you guys dig this... Any feedback is always appreciated. Thanks...

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Xmas Comp.

A BIG THANKS TO MYSTERY TRAIN RECORDS!! Mystery Train Records has put out a Christmas Comp of sorts, I have a song on it, its a version of Lil McClintock's Please Dont Think Im Santa Claus. He recorded it with guitar and voice, I did slightly edit it by recording it with my nylon string banjo, but tried to keep the spirit of the tune alive... An interesting piece nonetheless it is actually about 3 songs in one, The Santa verse, Lindy Lou On the Watermelon Vine, and the verses about work. I remember reading about it in the book Songsters and Saints Vocal Traditions on Race Records but cant remember exactly what they said about it, I lent that book to my friend Phil and he gave me a different book back. The book is amazing, it weaves in and out of a lot of vaudville, blues, and raggy kinds of songs "Race Records." A lot of the more bizarre/rarer songs that were recorded. The first time I heard this song was on The Music of the Medicine Shows compilation, one of my favorite releases of Old Time music, because you really get the whole spectrum, Gid Tanner, Uncle Dave, Tar Heels but then you get the Frank Stokes, Shorty Godwin, Lil McClintocks... So that was a lot of rambling, apologies but if you care to follow up...

BUY MUSIC OF THE MEDICINE SHOWS (Iknow, no one likes CDs. But its Old Hat, they are the best, Liner notes, Photos, nice packaging...)))

Working on some new music as well, probably a CDR of some kind... its mostly instrumentals. Its pretty much done but I may record some banjo stuff for it...

Saturday, November 6, 2010

New Stuff...

Ted (feedingtube) put out a live tape, and put a song of mine on it, also on the tape are Astral Plane Junkies, Major Stars, Grey Skull, BenGeorge7, and Elaine Kahn... The song is off an Old EP called "Ripples in the Upsidedown Lake of the Void," which is actually a random line in "On the Road," had never noticed it before but it was really prominent in this book on tape version I was listening to, but even less relevant was that that EP specifically was made because of a chapter on the ocean in Leautremont's "Maldoror." Whats weird is I remember playing the song that night, and it kind of came out of no where, had not played or even thought about it in a long time. Its called "The Sun." Pointless rant I guess except to plug an old book...

Anyways might have a new tape out soon of a live set from a night a bit ago at a wonderous location of freedom that no longer exists anymore... More on that to come. The two electric songs remain unmixed...

A couple of shows in the works both at the Flywheel.
11/15/2010 7 PM with La Caza, Gas Station, Merchandise, and Neon Blud.
11/21/2010 6 PM $8.00 and it will be a set in conjunction with a short story Film Festival.

check out to check out more stuff...

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Show Friday...

10.22.2010 7:30pm $8
Flywheel Easthampton
W/DJ12xU, the Terribles, Prints

Playing a set at the Flywheel, will probably play mostly new stuff. Its The Food Bank of Western Massachusetts benefit show The Food Bank of Western Massachusetts works with our community to reduce hunger and increase food security. The Food Bank works behind the scenes of nearly every charitable organization that helps to provide food to people in need in western Massachusetts. Our 400 member agency programs include soup kitchens,food pantries, homeless shelters,childcare centers,and elder programs throughout Berkshire,Franklin,Hampden, and Hampshire counties. Each year the Food Bank distributes more than 6 million pounds of food to these agencies to help feed people in need. The Food Bank is one of more than 200 certified food banks that are affiliated with Feeding America, a national network of food banks and food rescue programs.

Also on Saturday (10.23.10) people should go see Bobb Trimble in Palmer, hes playing a set one of three he has booked for the year. The support is Josh Burkett, and Sunburned as well, a great night of musics.

And lastly check out this vid of Red Favorite playing live, it will blow your mind...

Friday, September 24, 2010

Reason why I dont have a blog... (but I do))

Maybe because the last time I updated this was in June. So if anyone reads this this is the happs as of late... to be honest, not a whole lot has been going on, for most of the summer gigs I was playing a lot of old time gigs, trying to keep things fresh for myself, and people that watch and I had not been writing that much material... Saw a lot of good people this summer, and bummed around, saw some good music. Ted opened a record store aptly titled Feeding Tube Records in Northampton, and I would recommend checking it out. I am writing for some new stuff, and have a new 45 with a drummer (Ian), and electric instruments (So far bass 12 and 6 strings)... There may be another 45 of this stuff to come out as well...

Also I moved. The LP is still in print, I have some but I keep spacing on bringing them anywhere...

Now the main reason for this update was to plug wickermania... here is the line up...

Thursday September 30th 7pm @ John Doe Jr. 269 Main St., Greenfield:
Flaming Dragons of Middle Earth, Jeremy Kelly, Bunwinkies, Astral Plane Junkies, Two Tents

Friday October 1st 6pm @ Mystery Train Records 178a Pleasant St., Amherst:
Sunburned, Servitor, Byron Coley

Friday October 1st 9pm @ Feeding Tube Records 90 King St., Northampton:
Red Favorite, Sound of Pot, Whyte Kastles, Ionian Enchantment (Lady Jam), Anthro Rex, Bird Organ

Saturday October 2nd 12 Noon @ 196 Ball Rd. Goshen:
MV + EE, Woods, Crystalline Roses, Tarp, Noise Nomads, Chymer, Belltone Suicide, Hornworm, Ron Schneiderman

Saturday October 2nd 8:30pm @ Flywheel 43 Main St., Easthampton:
Jow Jow the Death Knell Rung, Gay Camp, Zebu!, A Dick Supreme

See you there...

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Gig Moved...

July 2nd Gig, is now JULY 3RD (Saturday))
King Street Manor
8 PM
113 King Street, I believe?
Northampton, MA
Sacred Harp (VA)
Herbcraft (Portland)

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Summer Shows/Agendas

Looks like some summer shows are in the works all western mass dates so far. . .

6.24 @ Feeding Tube Records Easthampton, MA with water bears and cousin id (greg and shannon from jow jow)
7.2 @ King Street Manor Northampton, MA with Sacred Harp and Herbcraft
7.14 @ Media Mansion Northampton, MA with julian lynch, sore eros, la big vic
Possible show in August at the Flywheel as well...

I am currently overwhelmed with a lot of other projects and goings on, but have been on and off writing a new full length, I hope it to fall somewhere in between the LP and the songs off the split with Justin Pigott and Peter Bonneman from last summer. One song will appear on a compilation in the near future as well, more details as they come forward...

thank you.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Western Mass....

Sunburned Hand of the Man set from Sunday, really killer, lots of special guests...

Monday, March 29, 2010


April 2nd
730-8 PM
Matt Wilga
Crystalline Roses
Rumored Shannon Ketch and/or Sean Durham

April 3rd
The King Egg - Mellow songs brought to you by Nick Branigan.
Crystalline Roses - Ethereal, psychedelic tunes from western Mass. LP out now on Feeding Tube Records.
Matt Wilga - Solo debut. For fans of the Velvet Underground and the Jesus and Mary Chain. EP on Labor of Love.
The Outpost 186 (formerly Zeitgeist ))

Eli Keszler (Boston Duo)
Whyte Kastles
Dredd Foole/Ron Schneiderman/Andy Crespo

Friday, March 5, 2010

Sure Dont Know What Im Going For.

Ok I may do a last minute LP release show at some point next week, I will post it here if its going to happen...

The Matt Wilga shows have been rescheduled for April 2nd and 3rd in Western, MA and Boston. I will post all info and addresses as they come together, I am working on a poster for the shows...

Thanks to people for their feedback on the LP, its all welcomed.
Special thanks (again) to Josh for giving One Man Cult a shout in a Dusted Magazine feature...

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

LP is OUT.

LP is out, comes with an 11x17 poster, full colored sleeves, on mat jackets. Is available at, Mystery Train has some copies, and I am working on a release show, original release shows with Matt Wilga temporarily being reworked...

Saturday, February 6, 2010


Approved on Monday. Wheels are moving. Going to play some LP release shows in western mass and boston with my friend Matt Wilga, in early march....

Here is Steve Gunn's set from the other night at Media Mansion, he was awesome.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


JANUARY 30th, 2010
The Manner. Buckland, MA.
Farewell to Buckland
Waste Management
Bare Bones
3 PM start
I am sure Zac and I will end up doing some sort of a set at this,
either old time, CR, or other,
or maybe we will just enjoy and not do anything

January 31, 2010
122 South St.
Northampton, MA
Steve Gunn
Crystalline Roses
8 PM probably

Monday, January 18, 2010


One Man Cult artwork has been scanned and the test presses are anxiously being awaited, hopefully they sound great and we can get the wheels really moving. I will be photocopying the 11x15 posters and insert cards soon as well. This week shall be extremely busy.

Secondly if you came to either the Mystery Train show, or the brief Florence set thanks a lot, I felt a little more anxious and out of sorts than usual and appreciate you baring with me. As far as the mystery train show goes thanks to Josh for asking me to play, and to Conrad and Jow Jow for their interstellar domination.

I am going to start writing material for a new release and Zac and I are talking of actually recording our record with our friend Jaybo playing drums..... Will it happen who knows?

Saturday, January 2, 2010

SHOW/BLOG stuff.

More details to come...
January 9th at Mystery Train Records in Amherst, MA....

Got some nice things said at and a couple of tracks for download over there. Thank you.