Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Feliz Navidad.

In celebration of one of the world's largest celebrity apparition's birthday, I have chosen to update this blog that really no one probably reads and that I update about once every 3 months, so why would anyone read it?

I will be happy when 2013 is in the past, I am concerned about 2014 though, as the years seem to be getting tougher and tougher. Before regeneration, there is one last World Domination show to be had, December 28th, 2013 with a punk band called Glue from texas... Also our friend Reed invited us to play on his radio show, they let us in the station and everything, even let us borrow some of their gear! the link is here, if you are keen

2014 is fixing to be my busiest year yet, I am hard at work on new music that has yet to be recorded and the following releases are at press...

Anthony Pasquarosa - VDSQ Solo Acoustic vol. 7 LP
World Domination - SSD Demo 2012 LP reissue on Feeding Tube
Gluebag - Confused reissue/mastered on Framework Records
Heaven and Earth Magic - The Complete Recorded Works Cassette on High Ledges label
World Domination - Hostile Takeover of NY CDR (Live Albany August 2013)

The Following releases are being recorded/worked on...

World Domination - Mental Galactic Domination Full Length --TBA
Crystalline Roses - ...The Morning Brought Rain CS
Crystalline Roses with The Yankee Entertainer - Cosmic Driftwood/Two Man Cult Full Length --TBA

It will also see the re-emergence of Crystalline Roses live sets (at least 2 of them)...
January 10th, 2014 St. Vitus Brooklyn, NY w/Destruction Unit
January 19th, 2014 The Elevens Northampton, MA w/Home Comfort

In honour of Jesus, I present to you this timeless masterpiece, by a possible 2nd comer himself...

Thursday, September 12, 2013


w/ World Domination
12th Flywheel/Easthampton/Blessed State, Tenement, etc
14th Cleveland/Now Thats Class/West Side Punks II...
18th Hampshire/Amherst/Hoax, Twerps

w/Frozen Corn
19th Food for Thought Books (w/Ed Askew and Kath Bloom)

21st Some Farm in VT

w/The Yankee Entertainer/Pedllar
14th Daytime Cleveland/Edgewater Park/BBQ gig
22nd Hungry Ghost Bread Northampton sometime in the afternoon I think like 230 or something.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Up Coming Shit.

So its my Mom's bday and im scammin some web. Everyone who keeps emailing me mad sorry for not getting back to you, call me or something, dont be afraid of human interaction, I know it is VERY scary (I aint lying about that). I want to see and meet actual freaks at these shows not just a bunch of DIY Punkers, like I want people with fucking snakes and shit, fisherman, sword swallowers, bearded women, redheads, fucking hippies there real ones too, edge men/women, total jocks wearing sunglasses inside doing fucking push ups calling everyone pussies, any and everyone are always welcome, please blow off some steam and get violent, lets have a reallllll uncomfortable time.

July 30th -- World Domination, Neoteric at the Row House in Holyoke
August 2nd -- Sqrm, Gluebag, Hoax in Portland, Maine
August 4th -- Sqrm, Gluebag at RRROOOAAARR Montreal Fest (the Sqrm gig is with Negative Approach, Citizens Arrest, and OMEGAS).
Dont forget to peep Hoax there on August 3rd.
August 6th -- HQ Noho Ill be sitting in with Sertain Death for a little Organ, Bass, and some Synthesizer if I can get some practices in.
August 31st -- Wings of Metal Festival, helping out my dudes in Magic Circle with some Bass
September 14th -- World Domination leaves western mass for the first time, and we are heading to fucking Cleveland for West Side Punx Connect S.H.I.T playin, Omegas, Lucha, I think Obnox, EEL, going to be tight. Ill be doing a Yankee Entertainer set at the BBQ before hand if your keen to hear some fiddlin, and banjo.

World Domination -- Mental Galactic Domination full length demonstration cassette is being worked on constantly, or not so much Ill let you decide. The Solar System Domination demo is coming out as an LP on the label Feeding Tube records. Gluebag will have shirts and discography CDRs for the couple of gigs, hopefully. FRAMEWORK is releasing the "LP" originally issued as a cassette in 2008! Getting old man. A bunch of other shit too who knows... I made some more copies of AP Chapman and Crystalline Roses Transcendence last batch of this shit though. I will be hocking all kinds of shit at gigs.....

And here is some of the only known footage of Buell Kazee I found it on youtube whilest scamming this web.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

At Home for a Few Days...

While I was in the presence of this phenomena known as "the internet," I decided to upload the new World Domination promo CDR to soundcloud. Its the first release as a full band, if anyone cares to check it out please do. Promotional Test For Mental Galactic Domination

Remember the Galaxies that lie in the recesses of the human brain can be accessed, as with anything, it takes a lifetime of practice. Why believe it if you cannot see it?

I got this as a CDR comes with three inserts, including instructions on how to turn the CDR into an official tape release... So you can grab it from me at any gigs or whatever...

I also repressed AP Chapman, and CR-Transcendence for that Manhattan gig, where I promptly sold one of each. But I have given a few away, so if you want one, get in touch, I probably wont be making much more of these things.

As always the email address is dont expect next day delivery, next day response service or anything else, I live in the real world as much as possible and try my damndest to avoid this fantasy time//space death-warp.

I almost forgot to put a nice song up here for you. Here is one of my all time favorite youtube videos...

Monday, June 17, 2013


And here is a track for you to enjoy for stopping by...

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

A gig...

Gig in the works for VDSQ, will probably be playing under my name as opposed to the "Crystalline Roses" moniker... Supposed to be June 29th at a Yoga Studio in Bushwick, NY. Yes, I am going to be going to New York... I will be playing all instrumentals (I think)))...

Been listening to this song over and over, thought about covering it for a comp but instead recorded covers of 3 other dylan tunes...Dont know if "the world" will hear any of em though...

Monday, May 6, 2013

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Roses Gig///

May 9th, 2013 Hurricanes of Love, Joshua Burkett and Crystalline Roses
Dreamaway Lodge 830 PM
Probably playing first, Not really sure what I am going to do but I might play electric.
Dont forget to pay your rent.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Its March, Still Snowing...

I still have some copies of the World Domination - Solar System Domination CDR I got to burn them and put them together... It is also going to be repressed in a small number on LP by Feeding Tube Records, I drew a new poster for this event, but the LP probably wont be out for a little while. We are in the process of recording a record with the full band so expect a full on audio assault at some point, we are taking our time with this one but I will update when I remember. I am working on some new Crystalline Roses material, probably manifest in the form of a CDR at some point but I am still in process on all that. Also the VDSQ LP is just sitting around somewhere, I swear I wasnt lying when I said I had finished recording it, but it is just taking a while to get the other 2 artist's master recordings I guess. Only time will tell. Got a bunch of gigs in the works, some suprises as well...

Monday 3/11 The Rendesvous Turners Falls, MA -- Wooden Wand, Frozen Corn 8:30//$$ PM

Friday 3/15 Feeding Tube records Northampton, MA -- Neutral Fixation, World Domination, Egg Eggs 930 PM say goodbye to NeuFix for a little bit

Saturday 3/23 The Flywheel Easthampton, MA -- Dropdead, Vaccine, GreySkull (Wmass), Sqrm 8 PM

Thursday 4/11 Florence American Legion Florence, MA (NOTE: Not the VFW) -- Wetbrain, Party Plates, World Domination, MFP 8PM//$8.00

Working on a Bad Noids gig for 4/15 hopefully going down somewhere.

Thursday 5/9 Dreamaway Lodge Becket, MA -- Joshua Burkett, Frank Hurricane, Crystalline Roses


FEM001 Gluebag - Licking the Bottom Complete Recordings... So Far
FEM002 Zac Johnson and the Yankee Entertainer -- WILL NEVER STOP!!
FEM003 Crystalline Roses -- Recent Demos 2010-11
FEM004 AP Chapman -- S/T "re"-Issue
FEM005 World Domination -- SSD 2012 Solar System Domination

Friday, January 11, 2013

February 7th MOVED KULD.

Gig has been moved...
Thursday February 7th, 2013

La Caza
Church Whip
Psychic Blood
Noise Nomads
World Domination

prob start around 7 or something.
bring $$$

Monday, January 7, 2013

Frozen Corn @ Sierra Grille

Frozen Corn @ Sierra Grille
we are playing with Bunwinkies ( :) ), and Two Tents, or Two Trees or something like that?

its on thursday which is january 10th, and though these shows start late (usually 10 PM?!?!)) it is going to be my absolute damndest to a) make it start on time and b) play first, but it probably wont work.......

February 7th
World Domination is playing with Noise Nomads, Psychic Blood and my friends from Florida Church Whip... that gig is at the Flywheel in Easthampton, probably start like 730/8, and you should definitely bring some money to give to the people from Florida.
here is a sample from the world domination demo CDR...