Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Rendered Speechless...

Thanks to my friend Michael Donahue for showing me this, Gumbri improv, distant cousin of our banjo. If you notice the stylings it is similar to earlier clawhammer, only not alternating rhythm on the top string, but using it to hit the head. With 3 strings, it seems to make more sense, now the reasoning behind the "earlier" tag is the up-picking and soft raking, that is seen more common in black banjo stylings and minstrel phrasing. beautiful. speechless...

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Feet on Ground.

Just got back to Earth from an other worldly rare adventure to cities and highways. A lot of fears were conquered, and friends were seen and made. Thanks to all involved. A lot of recording coming up, maybe even start today, the final parts of the LP, and also my songs for the split with Justin and Peter. It seems as though that project is coming together rather quickly.

thanks again folks.

My friend Nate started a youtube account, great banjo player, singer, and harmonica amongst others... heres a 6 string banjo, harmonica version of a Darby and Talton cut... hope you enjoy...

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Introverted Speculation.

I figured I would update while I have some internet quickly Baltimore show, my friend should be emailing me details as to what exactly is going on... I know that it is with Peer Pressure as a tour kick off and the date in question is Sunday February 15th...

Other goings on,
Recordings for the new CD of songs and Outtakes for the LP is complete, mixing on Tuesday... As soon as my finger heals up I will be recording a sessions worth of banjo pieces, then putting together a final mix of songs for that release. Also up and coming are a Split CD with my friend Justin Pigott and a friend of his named Peter, I will be recording all new material for this, I also may be doing a 7" with a friend of mine, and having a track on a compilation, which will also be all new stuff. I am also in process of a secretive project consultations in Magick and hippie protest songs with some friends that will be released under a different name.

Soon, either before or after I get back, I will put up some full out of print albums for download on here via mediafire or something of the sort.

thank you for reading,
and if you came out to a show thanks very much, apologies for my playing, I hope it was not too bad.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Show Friday, Next Sunday

So, after the knife incident, the shows have been a little harder, luckily everyone else is so good i can forget about my subpar performances, and think about how great it was to meet and play with so many amazing people. I am releasing a CD of mixed demos of pretty much everything that will be on the new LP, however I am going to record a bunch of new stuff on banjo for said LP and a cover song that will not be featured on the disc. Also I will be putting the tracks from the cassette tape originally released in an edition of 10, at the end of the CD. These will DEFINITELY be ready in time for Baltimore, it seems unrealistic for Friday, but could happen thank you for reading, and if you came and watched me play thanks a bunch, apologies if it was sloppy...

Earthfoods Cafe (located in the Student Union)
UMass Amherst
7:00 Doors FREE

Crystalline Roses
Abortus Fever
Foreign Objects

and Sunday February 14th, in Baltimore, MD. Details to follow soon...