Sunday, February 8, 2009

Introverted Speculation.

I figured I would update while I have some internet quickly Baltimore show, my friend should be emailing me details as to what exactly is going on... I know that it is with Peer Pressure as a tour kick off and the date in question is Sunday February 15th...

Other goings on,
Recordings for the new CD of songs and Outtakes for the LP is complete, mixing on Tuesday... As soon as my finger heals up I will be recording a sessions worth of banjo pieces, then putting together a final mix of songs for that release. Also up and coming are a Split CD with my friend Justin Pigott and a friend of his named Peter, I will be recording all new material for this, I also may be doing a 7" with a friend of mine, and having a track on a compilation, which will also be all new stuff. I am also in process of a secretive project consultations in Magick and hippie protest songs with some friends that will be released under a different name.

Soon, either before or after I get back, I will put up some full out of print albums for download on here via mediafire or something of the sort.

thank you for reading,
and if you came out to a show thanks very much, apologies for my playing, I hope it was not too bad.

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Ben said...

so many projects going on, and I cant wait to hear them! All the best Tones!