Sunday, December 27, 2009


Cant really do too much because of my fucking shoulder, I find out tomorrow (hopefully) what the deal is, so I decided to start another blog. It is primarily for music I am currently into that I found links too on the internet. I will post source info, etc if I can remember it. I will be posting show reviews, and other assorted links. what you can expect to find on there, rants on Jerry Garcias guitar playing, Psych links, Hardcore links, Black Metal links and whatever I feel like posting at the time. Also check back on this blog because I am going to figure out how to compress and upload most of my discography to this thing. Hopefully this will keep my mind going in some sort of creative direction. thank you.

Monday, December 14, 2009


My friend Matt Wilga just had a solo 7" come out through a friends record label. Both incredible people/musicians, and the music on the 7" is excellent, from a selection of over 20 solo recordings he made 3 appear on this record. You can order it here
I also highly recommend checking out his current band The Stoned Ambassadors, they have a myspace site, and a demo...

Glenn Jones has had his most recent record come out, its his first 12 inch, and it is absolutely stunning. The compositions are phenomenal, and he really puts his own tinge on the solo guitar. I think this is his best release so far and that is saying a lot. If you are a newcomer to this music, if you are well studied in this music, or if you are someone who just needs a great great record for their turntable pick this up, it will be the best 15 dollars you spent in a while. go here to buy

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Jack Rose died of a heart attack on Saturday, its a total bummer. He was 38... Here is a video...

Thursday, December 3, 2009


I think I am going to play a set of Electric 12 String mishaps so it will be different, probably pretty short too, its sporadic and Chris asked me to play, Zac may show up too which would make it even weirder...

Sunday 12/6
Short Dark Strangers (soul punk from Pa ex Caustic Christ, Annihilation Time)
Big Kids,
The Punk Boys from Germany,
Crystalline Roses.

4pm 6$ wear warm clothes
VGmill Holyoke, MA
Havent been there? Ask a punk.