Friday, September 24, 2010

Reason why I dont have a blog... (but I do))

Maybe because the last time I updated this was in June. So if anyone reads this this is the happs as of late... to be honest, not a whole lot has been going on, for most of the summer gigs I was playing a lot of old time gigs, trying to keep things fresh for myself, and people that watch and I had not been writing that much material... Saw a lot of good people this summer, and bummed around, saw some good music. Ted opened a record store aptly titled Feeding Tube Records in Northampton, and I would recommend checking it out. I am writing for some new stuff, and have a new 45 with a drummer (Ian), and electric instruments (So far bass 12 and 6 strings)... There may be another 45 of this stuff to come out as well...

Also I moved. The LP is still in print, I have some but I keep spacing on bringing them anywhere...

Now the main reason for this update was to plug wickermania... here is the line up...

Thursday September 30th 7pm @ John Doe Jr. 269 Main St., Greenfield:
Flaming Dragons of Middle Earth, Jeremy Kelly, Bunwinkies, Astral Plane Junkies, Two Tents

Friday October 1st 6pm @ Mystery Train Records 178a Pleasant St., Amherst:
Sunburned, Servitor, Byron Coley

Friday October 1st 9pm @ Feeding Tube Records 90 King St., Northampton:
Red Favorite, Sound of Pot, Whyte Kastles, Ionian Enchantment (Lady Jam), Anthro Rex, Bird Organ

Saturday October 2nd 12 Noon @ 196 Ball Rd. Goshen:
MV + EE, Woods, Crystalline Roses, Tarp, Noise Nomads, Chymer, Belltone Suicide, Hornworm, Ron Schneiderman

Saturday October 2nd 8:30pm @ Flywheel 43 Main St., Easthampton:
Jow Jow the Death Knell Rung, Gay Camp, Zebu!, A Dick Supreme

See you there...