Saturday, March 7, 2009

Ripples in the Upside Down Lake of the Void.

Some texts just breeze past you, even when you are reading them. The title of this EP is actually a quote from "On the Road," Kerouac says something to the effect of the stars looked like ripples in the upside down lake of the void. This struck home with me because I interpreted it as the ocean being the upside down lake of the void, and the stars rippling through, the way lights reflect of the ocean when looking outward. It was the perfect title, for a concept based CDR that has to do with ones relationship and respect for the sea, and the inherent, ancient, and uninterpretable knowledge contained therein. A lot of the ideas for songwriting were informed by readings of Maldoror, and mainly what I believe is the 3rd part, where the Comte de Leatremont states everything in relation to Old Ocean. It is more of an ode or nod in my opinion. Here is a link to download the EP.

RAR of EP->>

Originally released in an edition of 50 numbered CDRs in brown gatefold sleeves, 25 of which came with a linoleum print of an Angler Fish. I did about 15 extra ones in photocopied sleeves for a later show which escapes me now. Please comment if you enjoy.
1. Ripples In the... Part I 2. The Sun 3. Ripples Part II 4. Turning to Our Dark Past 5. Ripples III 6. Song for the Angler Fish 7. Void in the Upside Down Lake of the Ripples 8. Deprived of Sense