Monday, August 4, 2014

What a long strange trip...

Things will get weird, they always do, I'm not sure who's playing what anymore, but the music will play itself, I certainly will be there… There was a write up I was hipped to of an old split (6 years old to be exact)) And the weird timing of this had Peter in town from Denmark and us playing some music together… Does anyone even read any of this stuff? 

More shit…
8/7/14 -- Crystalline Roses Band, Bunwinkies, Plastic Crimewave 13th Floor 9 PM
8/14/14 -- Gluebag, Out of our Heads, Receivers Sierra Grille 9 PM or something
8/23/14 -- Gluebag, More bands, Portland, ME some Bar no idea about a time or what…
8/24/14 -- Frozen Corn, Kath Bloom/Tom Hannaford, Mystery Train Records 5 PM probably
8/31/14 -- World Domination, Vile Intent, TBA TBA Flywheel Easthampton, MA
9/5&6/2014 -- World Domination in Boston for Underground Music Fest