Monday, December 27, 2010


I am bored and snowed in and sick of the TV, and the Lovecraft book I keep reading, I am at my folks house... Since I have the internet here, I figured I would try to upload my discography for this project while I have the internet... I am not very good at uploading things (basically I apologize if any of these dont work), but I got a hotfile account a while back to get some dead soundboards off of a great blog that now may or may not exist in secrecy...

Observational Chymistry Tape, was the first release for this project and where the name came from, its a song on this tape. Recorded the guitar and voice with Will at the old Dead Air, and the overdubs with Gebo. I did 25 tapes and 50 CDRs I think... The Download is a Side A/Side B thing, that is how Gebo and I mixed it in its finality, and I cant remember some of the song titles...

Electric Abstractions were some bedroom recordings I made of Loops and did monologues over them sometime. I used to do this a lot and this was a compilation of the ones I thought worked the best... Some of the monologues are passages from Lautréamont's Maldoror. It was a CDR I made a few copies and gave it to friends. I originally wrote the tracklisting to include the piece "begin" but crossed it off and left it off the CDR.

An EP named after a quote from On the Road, but written primarily as an ode to the secrets contained in the deepest parts of the ocean and possibilities of black holes and aliens. It is also inspired from a part of Maldoror, the part hailing the Old Ocean. /50 CDRs

This was an instrumental CDR that I made about 50 copies of or so, it came with a full color print of a painting I made. It was recorded sitting on my porch, my friend was sleeping in the other room for the majority of the 12 string recordings, I was kind of zonked and had a tape recorder going for some reason, then I recorded some banjo and some other six string guitar. I think the whole thing was more or less improvised. I also included a tape I made about 15 copies of called Chemosynthesis, this long song eventually became the songs of the morning star I believe. Chemosynthesis is the process by which the deepest plants in the ocean are able to survive.

These were recorded in Hadley in the summer or something I also recorded a bunch of demos, it was directly to the hand-held recorder I used for the C.R. disc. Justin Pigott put this out and it features him as well as legendary Dane Peter Bonneman. Peter's stuff is so good, Justin's as well, they are two of my favorite humans. My stuff is two written songs, an improvised minor song and a Charles Manson cover.
3 Way split

One Man Cult, this existed in two different horrendous versions, that I hope no one ever hears. The final product came after I recorded another batch of songs/improvisations while being snowed in in Hadley. Then I could replace some of the old stuff, then Ted and I went back and forth, eventually getting this out... The themes on this vary greatly from song to song, and the whole thing sort of describes the Cult of my own mind. I think it could be a lot better, but I am usually unsatisfied with my stuff. I think some of the stuff seems forced or something. It is still available (/250) if you dont have the record.

There was a couple of other things but mostly just other versions of songs on these things, hope you guys dig this... Any feedback is always appreciated. Thanks...

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xJG said...

I'm glad you did this - even though I already have anything. I like listening to CR.