Saturday, February 5, 2011

Twilight Peaks

I am playing a show on Saturday February 12th at the Flywheel.
Love is a Stranger

Gallery opening and reception with the artists from 5:00 - 8:00pm

OPENING RECEPTION: Multi-media Group exhibit exploring the theme of Love, from ecstasy to neurosis, elation to grief, familial, romantic, mystical. Featuring the work of Maggie Nowinski Angela Zammarelli Josh Burkett Erin Newman-Long Tony Pasquarosa (Crystalline Roses) Janice Young, Luke Cavagnac Born in 1973 in Northampton, Massachusetts. Paints a lot and plays rock & roll. Opened The Invisible Fountain (Easthampton, Mass.) as a place to display art in 2003. Went to college. Has a family. Favorite color: rainbow. Ted Lee, Allison Ginsberg Remy Zbel Chris Dooley Sita Magnumson Event is free and open to the public. Post-reception show in the ballroom to follow at 8:00pm (admission $7.00, with $2.00 off admission if you bring something sweet to share). Show includes video screenings from award-winning filmmakers, an Instant Cinema performance from New York City-based Naval Cassady, poetry of Lea Banks (All of Me, Booksmyth Press 2008), and musical performances by Crystalline Roses, Satan's Answering Machine, Timecard, and others. Image copyright Erin Newman-Long, courtesy of the artist.


I have been listening a lot to Robbie Basho's Twilight Peaks album. It is one of his last efforts and it really radiates a soul that seems to reach out of the speakers. The playing is a little bit more melodious and less frantic than a lot of the earlier stuff, even when he is tremolo picking something about it seems to be moving on air. As much as I love Basho's earlier stuff and his unique voice, I find myself coming back to this album again and again. I think what is unique about it is the fact that sometimes even if I am not in the mood to listen to Robbie Basho I can always throw this album on.

If anyone ever finds this tape/cd I would love a copy. thanks.

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