Saturday, December 6, 2008

Show/Aleister Crowley

Thursday December 18th, 2008
Mystery Train Records
Amherst, MA
6 PM
Lil Dusty
Byron Coley
Sunburned hand of the man
Crystalline Roses

This is my first show since the show in Pittsfield that was on or around November 7th, looks like a good time...

Have been diving into the collected works of Aleister Crowley, and i leave you with this...

Since here is nothing for the soul to love
Or cling beyond self. My chamberlain
Once showed me a pet slave, dwarf, savage, black,
A vile, lewd creature, who would cast a staff
Far wheeling through the air:-'twould suddenly
Break its swift course, and curving rapidly
Come hard upon himself who threw. Even so
These vile deformities-our souls-cast forth
Missiles of thought, and seek to reach some end
With swift imagining-and end of self.
What sage called God the image of man's self
He sees cast dimly on a bank of cloud,
Thrice his own size? And I whose life has been
The Alchemist, p.32 Collected Works vol. I

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EB said...

and me i'll remember your long red hair