Monday, August 3, 2009

Spiritual Adjustment.

The weight of the world is extremely heavy at the current juncture and I can feel it rearing at all moments. The rain has temporarily broke allowing for minute amounts of sunlight to be absorbed, I have been trying to rip open the structure of atmosphere and peer inside and behind what is being held from us all. One has to make peace.

Dubious Liftings festival in Greenfield, MA we are playing at the record store at night...

Dubious Liftings
a benefit for Jerry's Kids
saturday august 15th
@ the greenfield energy park and john doe jr.
Bunny Brains
Flaming Dragons of Middle Earth
The Crystalline Roses
White Crime
Bryan Gillig
4:00 in the afternoon til 8:00 in the evening at the Greenfield
Energy Park(the end of miles st off of main st.) Rain or shine...
there is room for everyone underneath the pavillion, if we get

Then around the corner 8:30 at John Doe Jr record store
269 main street

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Dylan said...

oh man.. bunny brains! ian, todd, and i saw them play a bunch of years ago, and all i can remember about them was the fucking smell...