Tuesday, November 17, 2009


LP has been mastered and tracks have been fixed, thank you to Kevin Gebo. Please stay tuned for more information regarding obtaining a copy of the finished version. It will be a little while.

I would also like to add that I am taking part in the "Wild Wild West cassette tape comp" being put out by Galambis Records, and have also made a limited cover for the pre order copies. It is an ode to Burnt Hill in Heath, MA and one of its most famous ponderers. The song is taken from CT show of the tour with Justin Pigott and Peter Bonneman this summer, it is a version of "Crystalline Roses" off of the Observational Chymystry tape. The version features Zac on Flute and our friend Danny Gardella on both floor percussion and fiddle.

Preorder/order here... http://galambisrecords.webs.com go to releases...
other artists on the comp are Relics, SQRM, Vaccine, Dark Master, Gift Horse, Guilt Lust, The Offays, Mudlark, Yak Snot, Ampere, Dangur, Zac Johnson and the Yankee Entertainer, White Pressure, Low Character, and Justin Pigott with a special guest.

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